Trampa Golden Heelstrap - Tic Tac World Champs

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Some hot, hot, tic-tac'ing action at the WBC19!

The Tic Tac Champion prize.
Dawid grabs the Dinar bill and wins the Tic Tac Championship!
Then... drama!
Nicky's in the lead
The Finals!!!!
Dawid vs Dieter
It's a tight one!
Semi finals
Dawid's win again
Mason got it this time
Kale vs Dawid
Getting closer to the finals
Who gave Knepper a microphone?
It's "tic" then "tac". Then repeat.
The sweetest run of them all
Get that money!
Easy peasy!
Jakah in the lead!
Uphill it is!
Making up the brackets
Work of art